How Much Ancillary Revenue Can BagBuddy Earn For You?

BagBuddy Revenue Calculator

This revenue calculator allows you to explore how much ancillary revenue your company could earn using BagBuddy. The rates are our standard rates for low to medium volume customers. Discounts are available for high-volume customers.

Currency to use for calculations: USD   GBP   MXN   EUR   JPY  

Amount you would charge per bag, if you could: (in the currency selected above)

Please estimate the number of bags you will check using BagBuddy per day, at each location. Estimate the percent of bags you will charge the passenger for.

Location Bags Checked Percent Charged Explaination
Kerbside % Any bags checked outside the terminal
Queue Busting % Clearing lines at check-in
Central Search % Bags intercepted before security
Transfer % Bags transferred from other carriers
Gate % Bags checked at the gate
Full-cabin Stowage % Bags checked because overheads are full
Other % Bags checked at other locations

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